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How did You Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mid-Autumn Festival is one the most important festivals among the Chinese. It's probably the second most celebrated festival by the Chinese all around the world after Chinese New Year. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every year. The Mid-Autumn Festival has several names, I guess for the foodies we'd call it the Mooncake Festival, and some just called it Moon Festival.

There is a long history and legend associated with Mid-Autumn Festival. But for the past thousand of years, it's the romantic story of Lady Chang’er and Hou Yi that captures our hearts. At Christmas, there is Santa Claus, Rudolf, Elves, Christmas tree and goodies. Likewise, in Mid-Autumn Festival, we have Lady Chang'er, Hou Yi, rabbit, a full moon and mooncake! This is why it's very common to see Mid-Autumn Festival picture depicts a big yellow moon with an anceint beauty sitting/flying in it... sometimes they'd throw in the bunny as well.

Photo by Julie & Kevin.

Traditionally, on this day family and friends would get together to celebrate the festival. Generally after dinner, family and friends would enjoy some delicious mooncakes with a cup of warm tea together in the cool autumn night appreciating the beautiful bright full moon. In fact, this year the moon was not only a full moon, it was a total lunar ecliipse and super blood moon. It was spectacular to watch the eclipse happened right in front of my eyes and as it slowly became a blood moon. The next time you'd see this rare phenomena again will be in 2033. I'm grateful that I was able to catch it with my family, and my kids brought along their favorite mooncakes too! Nothing says a perfect mid autumn night then this! Here are a couple of pictures I took tha