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We are all shocked and saddened by the recent criminal acts and incidents of hatred and racism against Asian Americans in Nebraska and around the country. As members of the Nebraska Chinese Association (NCA), our core mission is to promote cultural diversity, awareness, and friendship in our local community. While these hateful acts seek to divide us, they also offer an opportunity and a cause for us all to rally around. We stand against racism and discrimination in any form, and we hope that you will join us in condemning racism and spreading love, respect, and kindness. We call on our members, their coworkers, employers, neighbors, and the communities of Nebraska to be vigilant against racism and to offer support to the victims of such cowardly acts.

大家好!如果您觉得您本人或您认识的人在平时的工作和生活中不幸遭到种族歧视、需要法律保护并希望更多地了解如何行使你的合法权利,可查阅美国司法部出版的“联邦反族裔歧视保护法”手册。中文版本: 。在遇到问题时,我们要通过合法手段及时收集和保存证据,以便提交给司法部门处理。这本手册中举例说明了如何联系相关部门来保护自己的合法利益。




另外, NCA内州华协将于近期推出与此相关的Seminar,敬请关注。谢谢!

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