Who We Are

NCA was born because there was a group of passionate people who believe the only way to keep our Chinese culture strong for us and our future generation here in Omaha is to come together as one big family.   There is only one objective at NCA that is to bring people together and provide supports for one another within the community.  


NCA is a non-profit organization, and mainly fueled by the passions of many talented people from providing the day-to-day administration support to financial support.  And because of these people, NCA is able to provide and organize many cultural related activities from learning the Chinese language to cultural dance for the young and old in the community.   Click here to learn more about the different services that NCA provides.



Board Member       Role                                                   

Linda Steele                       Board member/President                        

Z Hong                                Board Chairman                                            

Li Li                                      Treasure / COO                                             

Kai Fu                                  Board member                                              

Li Guo                                 Board member/CAO                                   

Mei Keith                            Board Vice-Chair                                           

Jenny McAtee                    Board member                                              

Jun White                           Board member/Secretary                        

Julie Verebely                    Board member                                             

Ping Ye                               Board member                                              

George Zhou                     Board member                                              

Qiuming Zhu                     Board member    

Grant Wu                           Board member
May Yap                             Board member

John Zhang                        Honorary Board member                        




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