Fundraising Event

Not sure if the little birdies have told you, there is a fundraising campaign going on right now at OCCA?

What is it for? It's for us... for our community. OCCA is in the market to acquire a building, to find a home for OCCA. Like a family, as it grows bigger, you will need a place where your family members can settle in, grow together and play. OCCA Center will be our home where we all gather, celebrate, learn and share our root, history, and culture. To get there is a team effot. So let's get together and help raise some money for our center. Afterall, this is going to be a place for all of us Chinese here at Nebraska and for many future Chinese generations to come.

RUN FOR OCCA is a 5K run event. I think you can walk too but it's a little faster to get to your destination if you do a combo of run/jog/walk :)

All you have to do is form a team, select your captain, and find a cool name for your team. Then set a goal amount you'd like to raise. You will also be competing with other teams. For more info on RUN FOR OCCA go to!runforocca/ctoh

So far, 3 teams have registered: Lymphomustang, OCCA Chinese School and Team Shanghai!!! OCCA Chinese School has set a $500 goal for their team!!! Last I heard, they have already started raising some $$$.... look out people here comes OCCA Chinese School! To find who is the leading team in the race, go to the RUN FOR OCCA page regularly to check for updates! Or you can google "Run For OCCA".

Be part of our team and let's help each other get there!