Chinese New Year Childhood Memory

I'm so looking forward to Chinese New Year! Can you believe it, it's only a few more weeks away? When I was little, my mom would take weeks to prepare for the Chinese New Year celebration. From baking all the yummy Chinese New Year cookies to loading up the house with tons of treats for our guests who would be visiting us during the Chinese New Year day. I was born and raised in Singapore by the way.

My first attempt at making Singaporeans favorite CNY cookies - Pineapple Tart.

It's a tradition to get new stuff especially clothes and shoes for the New Year! It's auspicious to wear new clothes and shoes especially in red color according to my mom, my grandmother, great grandmother and many before them. We would spend days spring cleaning the house... to drive away all bad luck and evils.

As a child, reunion dinner was my favorite part of Chinese New Year apart from getting new clothes and shoes. I enjoyed watching my mom as she happily slaving away in the kitchen for two whole days just to prepare for the reunion diiner. And later she would slave away once again in the kitchen washing the dishes and tidying up the house getting ready for guests the next day.

This is a popular traditional raw fish dish during CNY in Singapore. Image source: