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Holland Community Ensemble Opportunity

Join renowned composer and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain at the Holland Stages Festival for a spontaneous community ensemble. This opportunity is open to community members of any age with any instrument and any level of experience! All you’ll need to bring is yourself and your instrument. Daniel Bernard Roumain will do the rest.

Details -

Who: Anyone age 2 to 102. Any instrument accepted. Participants do NOT need to be able to read music.

What: Spontaneous community ensemble performance let by Daniel Bernard Roumain on the Holland Center Stage.

Where: Holland Performing Arts Center – Kiewit Concert Hall Stage

When: Saturday, October 17 at 12 Noon

How much: Participation (and admittance to the Festival) is free of charge! Pre-registration for the community ensemble is required.

If you’d like to make music on the Holland Center stage, send an email to with your…

Full name

Age Instrument Email address



贾文清    《雨后》 

Junya Duan 《绕口令》

张泥乐 《不完美的2020》




海伦 《念奴娇》

汪秉彝 《乡愁》

王米 《小白兔》

张世城《 猪八戒吃西瓜》

张逸安 《我的2020》




Darren zhu 《春天来了》

罗乙芯 《下雨啦》

王美英 《咏柳》

汪桃 《让我们荡起双桨》

杨简宁《 再别康桥》


朱博宇 《我会像青草一样呼吸 》

张得然 《我和星星打电话》

李信仪 《2020 的想法和感受》

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