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Hello ya'll. My name is May and I'd like to introduce you to our OCCA "Lounge". What is the lounge? The Lounge is a "place" where we hang out, read and share ideas, opinions, advice, recipes etc. No specific topic. I'm looking for content contributors and if you'd like to be one of them, please send me an email. No grammar teacher here so no worries. You are welcome to post anything in Chinese or English. Your content will reviewed and approved before we posted here on the blog. But as a geneal rule, avoid political agenda and anything that may discriminate or hurt other peoples' feeling. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the Lounge. Come here, relax, read some articles or learn a few new recipes to impress your friends and family. Jokes are definitely welcome! Laughter is the best medicine.

Yes, credit will be given to the author and your name will be publised here on the blog. Include pictures (use your own to avoid copyright issues) in your post, people love to look at pictures.

If you have any questions, please comment here. If you are a shy or private person, feel free to email me at mayysm@hotmail.com or omahachinese@gmail.com

Thank you and I hope you'd enjoy our blog, which is specifically created with you in mind.


- May



贾文清    《雨后》 

Junya Duan 《绕口令》

张泥乐 《不完美的2020》




海伦 《念奴娇》

汪秉彝 《乡愁》

王米 《小白兔》

张世城《 猪八戒吃西瓜》

张逸安 《我的2020》




Darren zhu 《春天来了》

罗乙芯 《下雨啦》

王美英 《咏柳》

汪桃 《让我们荡起双桨》

杨简宁《 再别康桥》


朱博宇 《我会像青草一样呼吸 》

张得然 《我和星星打电话》

李信仪 《2020 的想法和感受》

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