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Omaha Chinese Culture Association (OCCA) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote Chinese cultures and traditions in Omaha. Bringing our community together through celebration of festivals, events and many more.  


Why we need funding?


This is our first year organizing RUN FOR OCCA.  The goal of this event is to raise fund for OCCA Center.   OCCA Center is going to be the home for our Chinese community where everyone meets and gathers.  OCCA Center will become our future venue for hosting all of our events, workshops, classes and celebrations.  With your help and comittment, not only we can provide a place for our community, we can also ensure it's permanancy in Omaha... leaving a legacy for our future generation!  And you will be part of an important peice of history in Nebraska!  


There are various ways to give to Omaha Chinese Culture Association (OCCA) from supporting day-to-day operations to securing its future through an endowment gift. The following are just a few:


  • Annual Fund - Gifts to the annual fund support all activities of OCCA, from presenting special exhibitions and providing educational programs, to preserving and growing our center.

  • Planned Giving - By including OCCA in your estate, you leave a legacy for future generations to experience our Chinese culture and education through our center.

  • Endowment - Gifts to center's endowment help to secure the center's financial future and ensure the permanency.

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