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Date: August 13, 2016

Time: 下午2-4点

Location: NCA中心


1。学生组,主要邀请中学生和即将走进大学的学生参加。由我们二位医生主讲。Dr. Zhang Chi, Recreation drugs and drug abuse; Dr. Zhao Jian, Health issues of the youth. 我们也邀请了几位已进入大学的学生来分享一下他们的大学生活。

2。家长组,由Dr. Jenny Liu 主讲。我们也希望邀请大家都来参加。主题是申请大学的注意事项与选择适合的大学。

讲员背景介绍: Dr Jenny Liu

Director of Institutional Research at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Hold a doctoral degree in Sociology from Iowa State, USA and a Master degree in Comparative Education from Hebei University, China.

Currently work in the area of institution data reporting, academic program assessment, and college student success in relation to state education and workforce development.

Panel Topic: US College Admission for Parents: What to Know and Do

College Application Timelines

Common Admission Consideration: Private vs Public Colleges

College Rankings: What to Consider

Financial Sources for College

Q and A with Parents

讲员背景介绍: Dr Jian (Kent) Zhao, MD. Family Medicine, UNMC

His topic will be Health issues in Adolescence.


Text Message: 402-943-8757.



贾文清    《雨后》 

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